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Has PETA ‘Jumped the Shark’?

Peta recently posted an appeal to stop using “anti-specieist” language in favor of more friendly alternatives. Examples provided were as follows:

What are your thoughts?

Spirit-Con ’30: Jerusalem

Christianity informs us that God became flesh and visited the planet approximately two thousand years ago. However, when pressed for contemporaneous historical evidence of Jesus’ earthly sojourn Christian apologists always seem less than anxious to provide it. Now you’d expect this to be an easy task given the New Testament authors’ exuberant claims that news about Jesus and his amazing miracles spread throughout all of Galilee and Judea. In fact, the author of John opines that the whole world would not be able to contain all the books that would be written about Jesus. (If only they’d had access to the Internet and cloud storage.)

So surely someone must have been inspired to record some of these magnificent wonders. Yet, strangely, not a single historian of that time saw fit to document any of these events — let alone all of them — as they occurred.

But now the mystery has finally been solved. Almighty Jesus (aka the King of kings and Lord of lords) and his magic super powers garnered little interest from anyone besides his coterie of religious fanboys. And then he disappeared, never to be seen or heard from again.